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Green Mountain Preservations

Green Mountain Preservations - 99 Widdows

Green Mountain Preservations - 99 Widdows

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Introducing from Green Mountain Preservations:  A souvenir time capsule of              99 Widows - Cinderella99 x White Widow.

99 Widows is the GMP take on what many know as Ice Queen (Cinderella99 x White Widow). However, I selected a male Cinderella99 to pollenate my White Widow from Green House seeds (2017) to create a hybrid strain that's truly unique. 

This glass vessel, sealed with cork and a touch of wax, is more than just a container; it’s a preservation of a medicinal and floral garden that speaks to the heart of  enthusiasts. Bits of rice control humidity, ensuring the longevity and vitality of its contents, allowing you to open when the time is right. 

ILCC does not condone nor encourage the propagation of the contents of this souvenir time capsule and is not responsible for any illegal activities as a result. 

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